So, here is what we have been up to in 2001.

What's happening this month?

Month by Month Review

 Special Occasions

 Around Work
  January  Mary's After New Year Party

April Desta's Twins in April

Curling in April Sound of Music in April

May Farewell Mark in May

IBAM Conference in May


PLM Conference in June


Montreal in September


Karen's 25th Anniversay

NPL Christmas Lunch

 February (no pictures this month)


Steve's Birthday


 IIO Award


 Carol is 50

The Jay and Texas in April


 Chris is 21

Brampton Dance

 Steve's Special Gift from Agnes & Chris


Holly and the Band at the Blue Jays

Holly's Graduation to High School

Marty and Deb's Wedding




 To Peterborough for the Weekend


Agnes and Chris Visit

Building the Deck in September

Chris' Deck Party

Our First Deck Party


The Great Tree Caper



Trimming the Tree

Christmas Day Fun