Here we go...More fun in 2002 with family and friends.

This is for D'Arcy

The year 2001 ended with much fun and joy for this family once again. In 2001 we welcomed Laurie, Lane, Kaden, Anne, Charlie and Bill to our happy family. I am sure that they are all still wondering what happened.

Hooray! Here we are in December. Time to get ready for Xmas! The lists are up and everyone is keeping their holiday secrets. Take a peek at the all of the fun we are having once again at Christmastime.

First we invited friends and family over to decorate the tree that we don't actually decorate at the party.

Then it was time for Christmas Day full of family, friends and so much love.

November is here now and so is a little cold. We are starting the month off with my birthday party and a special sharing of some lovely (and funny cards).

October is here and our first order of business is the visit to the office by Kim, Matt, Nicole and new baby Luke.

United Way is here and some of the management and executive at CGU "jumped" in and got wet. They were not actually jumping as much as getting dunked in the drink.

September is here and the pictures just keep on comin'.

Steve and his buddies decided it was time for a summer (sort of) pool and deck party. Everyone gathered on September 7th in the yard. Check out the fun here

September 15th Laurie, Kaden, Julie and Jackie came to visit along with Anne, Charlie and Bill. We had another hectic and wonderful time with everyone. I agree with Chris, it "sucks" that our times together are so few and so short. I see more trips to the west and to the east are necessary.


August is here and the weather continues to be bright and hot. You can still see Tribble takes TO at her new web page as her trip continues until we must say goodbye on August 12th. Be sure to check out our trip to the Zoo with Tiffany, Ken, Steve, Leeanne and me!

Canada's Wonderland is next on the list of things to do in August

I took a trip (business) to Calgary near the end of the month and have added a few pictures of some interesting places that I came across while walking about.

Phil and Rosa got married on August 24th. Steve and Leeanne were there and we have added a page just to share this special day and to say CONGRATULATIONS to both of you forever.

We were off to dinner to celebrate another wedding. Scott and Louise were married in Ireland and were "cruising" Canada. Scott is our cousin and Louise his beautiful bride. Before leaving for home back in Ireland we had a very special Swiss Chalet dinner with them. Congratualtions go to this great couple and a safe trip home.

July is here and so was Weekend. The weather was HOT HOT HOT so we played with many family, friends and dogs(?) in and out of the pool. I was in Montreal on business for July 3rd to the 5th and then back home to enjoy family once again. July 20 & 21 was a special day for the North York Cosmos Soccer Club. This is the date of the Annual House League Tournament. Check out the fun. Stay tuned for all of the 1st birthday pictures coming from Kaden.

Check out Tribble Takes TO for Tiffany's new web page and some neat pictures of Tiffany's visit this summer


June has arrived with a flurry of pool activity. Expect many pictures of our family and friends enjoying the pool this summer. Congratulations go out to Carolyn and Clara for graduating from the University of Toronto this summer. Click on the mortarboard to check out Carolyn's party at the Manderin

On June 6 NPL once again hit the links and played another "interesting" 18. The Mike team once again took the jacket (actually a shirt) and the Garry team was most honest. Each team had a special mention for a most inovative golf game and Team Karl got special mention on the scoreboard for losing 43 balls along the way. Most of all this was another excellent day of for all of the associates of NPL. This year's tournament welcomes the new members from Actuarial to the NPL team and this made it a special day indeed. Before tee times Bill received his 25 year present from CGU from Ron, new clubs! Did it help Bill?

It is done! We are ready for fun in the

The deck is official now that Chris had his great keg party. What a party it was even though the weather did not cooperate on the swimming.

The week of June 10 to 16 was, as usual busy around here with Dad's two birthdays and Father's Day. If ever a Dad deserved that many celebrations in a month, it is this one. We love you Dad

May is here and there have been some very special occaisions and some pictures taken around CGU. You will see some of the Maple Leaf fever going on with Chris and Carolyn. D'Arcy and Carol celebrated 30 years of wedded bliss and invited all of us to share this very special occaision with them. Mothers' Day was a special treat complete with pool toys for Mom. Steve and Leeanne joined us for dinner served by super waiter Chris at Swiss Chalet. We had a super time at East Side Mario's for Chris' birthday. The birthday presents included a 40g hard drive from Uncle Ken and a bus ticket to a Montreal birthday holiday from Mom. There are some surprises yet to come (from Steve) when Chris returns from Montreal. Dad is away to the coast and we will be adding his pictures on here very soon. We all got together to welcome Laurie, Lane and Kaden to our home. The meeting of brothers, sister, nephew and brother-in-law was a BLAST! These are just the pictures from my camera and there will be more from Ken, Laurie and Carol to come. Friends and family got to meet at last and the day was perfect since Anne, Charlie and Bill were sure to be here, back from the trailer to complete our very happy family. Gene, Jay and Jess arrived on May 24th ready to build our pool. We couldn't let this photo-op go unpunished so here are the day one pool building pix. When at the airport to collect Dad from his west coast trip I met a group of very nice people waiting for a relative returning with a beautiful new adopted baby, Jenna. I put the pictures I took on here so that they could come and collect them whenever they want.

April is shaping up to be another hectic month of family, work and just plain fun. We are hoping that spring will get on with it so we can warm up and get ready for summer. There are, of course more antics provided by Pokey, Jake and Duffy around the house. We had some fun in the office (actually out of it). April 12 was the 3rd annual NPL Curling tournament for people who don't curl. While we had a few members with curling knowledge, most of the field spent time on the ice (literally). Don't forget to check out Kaden's page. There are more pictures of our beautiful grandson getting big and getting busy. On the 26th we bid farewell to Debbie, the co-op student at work. Debbie is on her way back to Wilfrid Laurier to complete her education. Here is wishing Debbie all the best in school and all of her future adventures. Julian was also kind enough to share our lunch just before he returned to CGNU in London. Best of luck, Julian.


March was just a little slow on the picture taking. I was pretty busy and left my shutter-bugging for awhile. I expect to be back with my handy dandy camera in April. We did have one big reason to celebrate. One more year for Carol. Happy Birthday "old" girl. I hope that everyone enjoys the pictures of our gang out to dinner with Carol. March was also very special to me as I found out this month that I am going to be a grandma for the 2nd time. Beautiful Laurie along with her "hunky" husband Lane are expecting baby number 2 in November. If you need any idea how beautiful a baby they can make together, just take a peek at Kaden!


February is looking to be another fabulous and fun filled month. We celebrated Maureen's birthday at Swiss Chalet and had our usual chatty time. As usual, the topic turned to reminiscing and laughing at the fun we had as children. February 8th was a very special day. I was invited to join Bill and Margaret to celebrate their 50 years of marriage. I was fortunate enough to have met Bill and Margaret in the mid-eighties and the friendship and joy that they have shown to Steve, Chris and me is special to all of us. Take a look at this celebration here at Bill and Margaret's Golden Anniversary. We, of course went dancing on the 2nd Saturday of the month for the 6th anniversary of dancing in Brampton. Around the office we are preparing for the birht of Paul's first baby. Yes, we do know that Paul and Connie are having a boy around the middle of March (we hope). Congratulations, Paul and Connie and here are a few things that you might need. The next important item in February is, of course, celebrating Steve's birthday. Happy birthday to my eldest son and out of control "middle child". I love you


 January has been busy and the fun just continues on with us. We had fun taking pictures of Leeanne (who would rather we didn't and Carolyn, (who is glad we did). We also took a trip to Peterbourough to celebrate Ken's birthday with Mary Ellen, Chris and the girls and then back to Daybreaks on the 25th to celebrate again with family and friends.