Christmas and New Year have come and gone and now we are ready to start another fabulous year of friends and family


Leapt off to a quick start. So quick that it took a few weeks to get pictures up and running again. Now I offer to you the activities and antics of this lively and busy bunch.


February is here, the month of special loves. We have Maureen's birthday and the last Brampton dance as well as a score of other family and friends (and animals) antics.


We started the month by having Steve's birthday party and then home to play with the doggies and Steve's new toys


Here comes spring and here comes the Easter bunny. But first, check out Steve who goes to the dogs


Opening the pool, Mother's Day and all of the rest of the fun of starting a brand new summer. Drop in here throughout the month to join us in our fun and games.


Summer is here and Father's Day is about to arrive. We started by a little more work on the yard and then had a yard sale, just for fun


Canada Day and Independence Day and just lots of summer fun in the sun and the pool. Check out all the fun


Here, we just continue to enjoy the summer and Vanessa has come back to visit us again.

WOW! now check out the Great Blackout of 2003 and how we "suffered" through it.

Then take a peek at the wonderful time had at Doug and Louise's Corn Roast. Great corn and great beer can chicken..

For a little more fun and entertainment don't miss the annual AGWA party at poolside


Well, it took awhile but September is finally here. We celebrated D'Arcy's birthday

Mostly is the wonderful trip that I got to take that included a terrific time in Vancouver with Laurie, Lane and the beautiful grandchildren. While there I was lucky enough to get to be a part of Analise's birthday celebrations

Then in was off to Bellingham with Linda for a very Caravan like trip. In fact we dubbed it Caravan 2003.

Off to Victoria where I hung out with Linda and Ron and got to spend time with Pat and even a little time with Jonathan.


October is still being built. Just a crazy hectic month. Important though, is this Thank You to all of those very special people who went out of their way to make 50 such a special birthday.


October and the beginning of November sure got hectic here. I spent October getting one or more presents every day and they were sure "interesting".

So interesting were these thoughtful gifts I felt compelled to create a special awards for some of the more unique categories. Check out the Thoughtful Awards.

The most thoughtful thing of all though, was the party of friends and family who came out to Route 66 on November 1st to help me celebrate this brand new young decade of fun, friendship and love!

Thank you everyone for helping to celebrate the dawning of a new decade of fun


In November Anne and Paul came to visit and have some chicken wings with us. Then it was time for the annual vex meet. I set up my new desk configuration with that wonderful new monitor and Linda and I went out for a nice dinner and drinks for working so hard. Linda even drew a "Fred" on the tablecloth.


As usual December was a busy month and once again Christmas at home was crazy and special.

As a special treat this year Delores came from Cape Breton to share our Christmas fun. I can see that the melding of these two families is going to be fun and perfect.

Once again as the year is coming to a close I am here to reflect on how special life is with family and friends that are so near and dear to me.

To all of my friends and family...

You are the BEST!



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